Hello, I’m Sue.  Welcome to my website.

I’m a professional reflexologist and holistic massage therapist working from my therapy room in Ruislip Manor.

To treat holistically, means to treat the whole – taking into account mind, body and spirit.  Of course, this does not mean that we can think ourselves better! But if we are able to achieve balance in both body and mind, we are in the strongest position to take care of ourselves.

Massage and reflexology have a direct physiological effect on all the body’s systems to varying degrees.  Their intention is to achieve homeostasis (balance) and both therapies have the ability to calm, relax and re-energise us to enable the body to work efficiently and effective.  Targeted treatment can also focus on particular issues such as injury management and postural issues or specific symptoms such as digestive problems, migraines or insomnia.

Since qualifying as a therapist 7 years ago, I have built up a loyal clientele who value and continue to see the benefits of their regular treatments.  Why not try for yourself?