Thank you for visiting Sue Madden Holistic Therapies providing reflexology, massage, facial treatments and reiki in Ruislip.

I’m a professional holistic therapist, trained in reflexology, massage, reiki and holistic facial treatments. I have a particular interest in therapies for women’s health, but my clientele are a mix of both male and female and all ages.


To treat holistically, means to treat the whole – mind, body and spirit.  When we are constantly in a state of stress (“fight or flight”), our bodies are unable to work at their optimum.

Stress doesn’t only affect our mental state, it can also manifest physically – headaches,  muscles tension, digestive issues, high blood pressure, auto-immune conditions and much more.  By taking steps to allow ourselves to relax and restore some balance, we are giving ourselves the best chance to help ourselves.


Relax, Revive & Restore

My therapy room provides a warm welcoming and relaxing environment and all my therapies and treatments are designed to work holistically to relax, revive and restore you. Treatments can be tailored to target particular issues, as well as having an overall holistic effect and all the therapies I offer can be combined, to create a totally bespoke and unique treatment.

Prioritise your Wellbeing

Over the years I have built up a loyal clientele who value and continue to see the benefits of regular treatments.

Many of my clients book a regular slot to ensure they prioritise their wellbeing. This means they get the regular appointment time they want with minimal fuss.

You can set up recurring appointments for the whole year ahead or just schedule a package of treatments, depending on your requirements. Appointments can be rearranged if necessary.

Contact me for more details.