Covid Safety

Being a close contact business, hygiene and cleanliness has always been an important aspect of my business.

As a therapist with a client-base that includes vulnerable, pregnant, elderly and other higher risk clients, it is extremely important to me that I provide the safest environment possible and since returning to work during the pandemic I have risk-assessed all aspects of my business in accordance with government guidelines and those of my professional associations and have implemented extra protocols to ensure that both you and I are as safe as possible.

Prior to your appointment:

  • If you have Covid or have been in close contact with a Covid positive person and think you could have it, please postpone your appointment to a later date.
  • Please don’t book an appointment for within 3 days of having a Covid of Flu vaccination
  • If feeling unwell prior to your appointment with a cold, nausea/sickness, temperature etc, please postpone until you feel better. Having a massage or reflexology treatment when you are not well may make you feel worse.
  • New consultations are done in advance through an online form, to minimise time in the treatment room. If additional information or discussion is required, this will take place in the therapy room during your treatment.

At your appointment:

  • Hand sanitiser is provided on arrival/departure.
  • All clients are requested to wear a face mask at throughout the appointment (unless you are unable to or during treatment on the face).
  • I wear a Type 2R surgical mask for all appointments
  • If possible, a window will be open during your treatment for ventilation.
  • Between appointments, my therapy room and equipment will be cleaned and disinfected and full new clean linens provided for each client. I allow at least 30 minutes between appointments to clean and ventilate the room.

Thank you for your co-operation!