Do I need to do anything to prepare before my appointment?

All I would advise is that you are well hydrated before massage and that you don’t have anything too strenuous planned for afterwards.

Do you check my medical history?

Your first appointment will include a consultation which will involve taking a medical and lifestyle history. If you are visiting for a remedial massage (to treat injury or postural problems) I will also perform a postural/injury assessment. Massage is perfectly safe for most people, but there are some medical conditions which may prohibit or restrict massage (contraindications).

I also like to take a lifestyle history as this can be very telling about postural, dietary or stress related issues which may be affecting you. Massage is a holistic therapy, treating the whole person, and by learning more about a client, I can tailor their therapy accordingly.

I follow up with my clients regularly to ensure that I am meeting their needs and keeping up to date with any medical or lifestyle changes.

If you have a medical condition that you think may be contraindicated to massage, please let me know so that I can advise you if you will need GP consent.

Do I need to fully undress?

For holistic, hot stone and pregnancy massage, it is preferable that you undress to your underwear. However, you will at all times be covered in the areas I am not massaging.

For Indian head massage and Natural Face Lift massage please wear a t-shirt/vest top which does not have a collar. No oils are necessary with these treatments, however I can use oils in Indian Head Massage if you prefer, in which case you may prefer to have a towel wrapped round you to prevent oil stains on your clothes.

Do you use aromatherapy oils?

I am not a qualified Aromatherapist, however I do use pre-blended aromatherapy oils and waxes. All the products I use are high grade quality and organic where possible and used appropriately to your requirements.

Do I have to listen to “whale music” during my massage?

No! Many clients prefer to listen to soothing music during their massage and I have a selection of music available, but if you prefer silence then that is fine too!

Can I talk during my massage?

If you want to, yes of course!  However many clients are looking for an hour or so of peace and relaxation and many even drift off to sleep. This is your well-deserved “me” time!

Will my massage hurt?

Therapeutic massage is designed to relax and soothe the mind and body, and your therapist should always check that you are happy with the pressure used. However if you have areas of tension and deep tissue or remedial techniques are being incorporated, you may find these areas to be tender and have some discomfort.  Many people say this is a “good” pain, but everyone is different, so please say if you are suffering any unwanted discomfort.

Sports Massage has an unfortunate and outdated reputation of having to hurt but this is not necessarily the case.  This type of massage works into the tissues more deeply, but that does not necessarily mean harder. If you have a new or chronic injury or very tense muscle tone then yes there may be some discomfort but I always try to treat my clients as gently as possible to gain maximum benefit. The old adage “No Pain, No Gain” is not true!

How often should I have massage?

The decision is yours! Occasionally is better than not at all, and again, everyone is different but I would recommend monthly to be the most beneficial and realistic for the majority of clients.  Massage has a cumulative effect on the body and if you are suffering from chronic tense muscles, more frequent massage will help to keep your muscles more supple and your body more mobile. You will also be benefitting from the detoxifying effect on your body and helping to keep your skin in great condition!

When treating soft tissue injuries, I will discuss and advise a treatment plan for you which may involve more frequent  sessions until the injury has improved.