Fusion Treatments

Why not combine therapies to create a totally bespoke and personalised treatment?

Fusion treatments are perfect if:

  • You would like to try a taster of another therapy that you haven’t had before
  • You’d like to target a particular issue with 2 therapies
  • You would like a longer, more indulgent and relaxing treatment

Of if you just can’t make your mind up!

Suggested combinations and durations:

  • Massage & Reiki (60,75,90 min)
  • Massage & Reflexology (75, 90 min)
  • Reflexology & Reiki (75, 90 min)
  • Holistic Facial & Massage (75 min)
  • Indian Head Massage & Reflexology (75, 90 min)
  • Facial & Foot Reflexology (75, 90 min)

You can also add hot stones to your massage or reflexology treatment.

Get in touch to design your perfect treatment.