Signature Pregnancy Treatment

A treatment specifically designed not only to relax and pamper you at this special time, but also to address some of the pregnancy aches and pains and other symptoms you may be going through, to leave you feeling relaxed, revitalised and rejuvenated from head to toe.

Using  pregnancy-safe products from the Neals Yard Remedies Organic range, the pregnancy pamper treatment is the ultimate in relaxation and is suitable from 12 weeks up until your baby is due.

This 100 minute luxury treatment includes:

  • Full body massage focusing on any specific areas of muscle tension or tiredness, using the uplifting and soothing Neals Yard Remedies 100% Organic Mothers Oil.  This skin-nourishing massage oil is an aromatic blend, infused with relaxing neroli, uplifting mandarin and sweet almond essential oils, as well as vitamin E-rich wheatgerm oil, and is safe to use during pregnancy
  • Lymphatic drainage techniques to the legs to help reduce swollen feet/ankles and rejuvenate tired, achy legs
  • Rejuvenating facial massage including lymphatic drainage techniques to the neck and face to revitalise the skin, relax facial tension and boost circulation and elimination of toxins
  • Relaxing and Reviving Head Massage to ease tense and tired muscles, stimulate hair growth and calm the mind.
  • Reflexology treatment to balance and harmonise the body and focus on any pregnancy-related or other issues such headaches, insomnia, oedema, digestive issues, stress or anxiety. The treatment finishes with a soothing Comfrey and Mallow Foot Balm massage to nurture dry or hard skin using a blend of almond and wheatgerm, calming comfrey and softening mallow.

* As with all pregnancy treatments, you should you check with your midwife or GP if you have a high risk pregnancy.