Sports Massage & Remedial Massage

Using advanced deep tissue techniques, a massage to work on areas of chronic tension, joint restriction or muscle soreness caused through injury, postural imbalance or chronic conditions.

What is the difference between sports massage and remedial massage?

Essentially they both use the same techniques, however remedial massage is generally associated with treating soft tissue injuries and muscle tension caused by stress and postural imbalance, whereas sports massage is associated with maintaining healthy muscles for those taking part in exercise or sporting activities.

I  use advanced deep tissue techniques including soft tissue release, trigger point therapy, muscle energy techniques, myofascial release and stretches to ease and rehabilitate muscles.

Your first appointment for sports or remedial massage may also include a 15-20 minute consultation and assessment in order to gain a better insight into your symptoms or injury and to determine an effective treatment plan.

Remedial Massage

Office workers, gardeners, DIY enthusiasts, busy mums, manual workers – in fact ANYONE – can experience a wealth of benefit from sports/remedial massage.

Common problem areas that can be targeted with Sports MassageIf you are suffering from any of the following, remedial massage may be ideal for you:

  • Overuse injuries, repetitive strain and muscle fatigue
  • Recent muscle strains, tears and weak muscles due to previous injury or chronic conditions
  • Postural and stress related conditions including stiff/tight neck and shoulders, migraines, TMJ syndrome, lower back pain, etc
  • Modern technology posture related conditions such as rounded shoulders, “texting thumb” and “ipad neck”.

Sports Massage

Extreme close up of osteopath applying pressure with thumb on female calf muscle.Do you regularly exercise or take part in a sporting activity? Massage is often thought of as an indulgence or special treat, however sports massage should be an essential part of your fitness regime in order to keep muscles healthy and therefore keep joints strong and flexible.

For people who have a sedentary or repetitive job or lifestyle, chronic dysfunction, muscle weakness and/or muscle tension is a common problem. If you then couple that with a sporting activity such as running or football or a weekend of gardening or DIY, your muscles and joints are put under sudden increased stress and tension and it is easy to sustain an injury. Regular massage can help to keep muscles in good condition to help avoid injury and reduce muscle tension.

I provide pre-event, post-event and maintenance massage tailored to your individual requirements and I am qualified to treat soft tissue injuries.