Reflexology Lymph Drainage (RLD)

What is Reflexology Lymph Drainage?

RLD is an award-winning reflexology technique. It was devised by reflexologist, Sally Kay, primarily to treat secondary lymphoedema, as an alternative to  manual lymphatic drainage massage (MLD) which is a much longer and intrusive treatment,

Sally achieved remarkable results with the treatment and found that it was not only beneficial for the effects of lymphoedema, but for lots of other conditions too.

Not just for Lymphoedema

Many people have reported positive results for auto-immune and inflammatory conditions, Chronic Fatigue and ME, to name but a few.

Unlike traditional reflexology, RLD concentrates mainly on the lymphatic system which presents primarily on the top of the feet, and the treatment follows a precise set of moves. As with more traditional reflexology, it is also deeply relaxing. It is also a gentle technique and generally light in touch which makes it suitable for most people. In fact, it has very few contra-indications.  Even if the feet are compromised and unable to be worked on, the treatment  can be given on the client’s hands instead.

I completed my training with Sally in 2018 and I am now a registered RLD Practitioner. I have used RLD exclusively to treat clients with arthritis, psoriasis and other inflammatory conditions, swollen ankles/feet due to pregnancy and previous injury and even hormonal related acne, all with positive outcomes.  Even, one session can show improvement, but a course of treatments  is recommended for a better outcome.

RLD can also be combined with traditional reflexology and I often use the techniques within my everyday reflexology treatments.

For more information on this fascinating therapy, please visit the official RLD website.